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Interdisciplinary - Artist Bio

Latest update Jan 2022


Ma’moon is an interdisciplinary Lebanese Artist,equally at home in the worlds of theater/film, performing and visual arts. Tobbo focus on the power of storytelling through directing, painting and writing. His work combines various disciplines such as architecture, anthropology, psychoanalysis, indigenous/folk arts. He applies art as a form of medicine, using theater/performance as a therapeutic tool to release and heal. He creates spaces of transformation, guided alchemical experiences through playfulness, poetry, music and body movement.


 As a former Architect and Actor, he performed in many productions in Lebanon and around the Middle East, such as Alexandria Opera House in Egypt (2015) and The Royal Cultural Center in Amman Jordan (2016). In 2015, he started designing films and plays. In 2018, his play Brine won the 24thEuropean Film Festival. His play Kalash was internationally acclaimed and was awarded in many festivals around the world such as the LA International Film Festival and Hollywood MPIFF.


 In 2020, he graduated from NYU Tisch school of the arts with an MFA in Theatre and film Design.In 2021, he directed War on Drugs written by Dorothea Gloria, part of the Global form theater festival, Specimen produced by Tanthem part of “La nuit de l'art east village festival.  

And since he has been focusing on Directing and bringing Vessel to life, a performance lab that offers experiences of transcendental expression.


Simultaneously Ma’moon uses visual arts as a sacred practice to connect to his inner-driven expression seeded in the spirit. Every drawing is an embodiment of a present moment and a manifestation of transcendent quality. 

He exhibited in Lebanon in many festivals leading to collaborations with Unruly collective in NYC 2020 and 2021

And recently part of In/between at New York live arts 2022.


He is currently in post-production with his first short Film Huwa. A Psycho-Poetic film exploring ritual arts as a medium to gain awareness, release and heal, Internal blockages, traumatic experiences, insecurities.

Maamoun Tobbo

   Artist Statement

    Art found me during times where I lost the sense of belonging, identifying with the things around me or even finding pleasure in what I am doing or aiming for.  It taught me to stop and look inside.  Step back and witness myself. Opened my eyes to the conversation between my body and mind to introduce the spirit.

  Today we’re on the threshold of a falling civilization, disconnected from Earth and our true nature. Victims of constructed beliefs and prisoners of our own traumas and pain, yet we have all the tools to let go and heal.

    The collective consciousness is shifting from an old paradigm to a new one, and we are here. Witnessing earth in transition. A world of intense paradox and change. Events affecting everything around us, creating more division, separation, and fear. 

Why do we create art?  And to whom and what are we serving?  

Why and how do we Entertain?  What stories do we keep telling ourselves?

Have we become aware of our patterns? On an individual, cultural and universal scale?

Have we evolved from our history, releasing guilt, pain, hatred and envy? 

Have we learned from our previous mistakes? Tamed our desires, greed and lust?

Are we learning to live in harmony with nature? Honoring its resources and gifts and most importantly each other?

Are we Remembering our true nature? How could we learn a language that connects us all?

Despite our background, identity, country of origin, nationality, sexual orientation, race, gender or age?

Are we awakening to our human being?


My artistic expression is a path of self-exploration and self-realization. A healing journey of traumatic experiences, blockages and insecurities. 

A path of liberation from the identification with the material world and a marriage with what cannot be seen. Connecting me with my inner seed is my path to a state beyond expression.


It’s time 

It’s The renaissance

the birth of a new cycle, new age, new world.

Death of the old and Opportunities to create new cultures, values and ways of being.  

It’s time to celebrate our diversity, richness and possibilities, break what separates us. 


It’s time to surrender with peace to what is. 

Ascending to our multidimensional perception.

Transcending our egos, the outside world, duality and the self.

Travel beyond our bodies and organism, with our life force To what brings us all together.

The seed,

The inner child

Our human being

                                                                                                                        East Village NEW YORK June 2020



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