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More than objects, my installations celebrate creativity as a catalyst in initiating authentic engagement and unconscious transformation. Inspired by pioneers who shattered the fourth wall and paved the way from the physical world to the mystical one. This artistic practice pushes beyond traditional boundaries, stretching the edges even wider.

Art is a conversation with the unknown and a journey to illuminate our essence, encouraging introspection and guidance pealing the layers of our collective experience.

As a performer, the stage is a sacred space for inner alchemy and transcendental expression.

We become channels, moving expressions aiming to reach the perfect imperfection.

cycles of embodiment spiraling, immersed individuals in a realm of creative play where:

Poetry, Installation Design, Theater, Sound, and movement converge.   


Through my art, I embark on a profound journey of transformation, self-discovery, and enlightenment. Transcending...


Painting is a personal practice of active meditation and conversation with my unconscious. Riding the present moment surrendering with each brushstroke, allowing the artwork to unfold. These pieces aren't static; they are living narratives, revealing whispers from my soul. Each canvas becomes a portal to my inner sanctum, where the artwork becomes the storyteller.


Interdisciplinary performance artist weaving a tapestry of mediums and forms across art, design, and performance.

I earned my MA in architecture from the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts in 2015 and an MFA in Scenic/ Production Design from NYU Tisch for Stage and Film Design with an MFA in 20.  

My work stands on the intersection of Installation design, Performance Arts, and public engagement, weaving across disciplinary ideas, cultures, and communities. 

Recipient of the immigrant mentorship program from NYFA 21 and recipient of their Artist Grant 21.  

Founder of ThEmptySapce an Embodiment lab researching storytelling, art making, and expression in all its forms as medicinal tools for self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation.


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